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  • What should I consider when choosing a recovery service provider?
    Just like researching your surgeon, you should research your recovery service provider. First, you must remember that all recovery service providers are not the same. So pick the one that fits your needs specifically. Secondly, consider your recovery space, do you like to be in a quiet surrounding or grouped with many people. Finally, you should consider your health and safety. Find out if your recovery service provider is CPR/BLS certified. Can they help in a emergency situation and do they know what signs and symptoms to look for.
  • Do you provide free consultations?
    We provide a 15 minute free consultation on what to expect when you reserve/book our services.
  • Are your practitioners certified professionals?
    We want you to have the best recovery experience and for that reason we only employ licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants. Each employee is properly vetted and background checked before coming aboard.
  • How soon should I book your services?
    You should book our services the same time you book your surgery. It's more stressful to find a recovery service provider at the last minute.
  • What should I pack for my recovery.
    You should only pack 1 carry on suitcase. Once you have booked we will send out a welcome packet with a list of recovery supplies that you will need. Whether you reserve the recovery Airbnb or Private Duty Nursing Service
  • Do you provide transportation to other massage facilities?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide transportation to any massage facilities and do not allow other massage therapist at our facility. We are trying to lessen the exposure to Covid-19. If you are scheduled to receive massage at another facility you will be responsible for your transportation.
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